Brand Guidelines

Mattermost Logo

The below Mattermost logos are available for use in your integrations and applications that connect to Mattermost. Use of the logo is generally fine so long as it’s used in a non-commercial way, does not imply endorsement by Mattermost, Inc.

Download vector format for these images: zip

Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Do not rotate the Mattermost logo.
  • Only use the inverted logos over dark backgrounds.
  • White space should be relevant to the based on the logo dimensions.
  • Do not distort or alter the Mattermost logo.
  • Link the mattermost logo to, if possible.

White Space

Horizontal Logo
Square Logo

Naming Usage Guidelines

  • Using the Mattermost name is generally fine so long as it’s used in a non-commercial way and does not imply endorsement by Mattermost, Inc.
    • Please do not name your integrations or apps starting with, or only using, the name “Mattermost”, as this may confuse end users as to where to find support
  • Community projects might be named using “for Mattermost”, examples:
  • Alternatively, community projects may concatenate names containing Mattermost, for example:
    • Matterbridge – is a Mattermost bridge connecting with IRC
    • Mattersend – is a Mattermost integration for sending webhook events
  • Exception: Please don’t use the name “matterbot”, as that is an internal service under development.

Company Short Description

Mattermost is an open source Slack-alternative built for enterprise. Thousands of companies use Mattermost for secure, compliant workplace messaging across web, PC and phones with archiving, search, corporate SSO and integration with over 700 third party applications. Available under MIT license in 11 languages, Mattermost offers peace-of-mind, value, control, and freedom from lock-in for organizations around the world.

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