Mattermost Licensing

Open Source Software Licensing

Mattermost Team Edition server
– Offered under an MIT License

Mattermost Enterprise Edition server
– Please see Commercial Enterprise Edition License

Mattermost iOS and Android applications
– Offered under Apache License v2.0

Mattermost Web Application
– Offered under Apache License v2.0

Mattermost Windows, Mac and Linux applications
– Offered under an Apache License v2.0

Mattermost integrations, installers and drivers
– supported integrations, installers and drivers are offered under Apache License v2.0
– Community integrations, installers and drivers offered under various licenses

Mattermost Documentation
– Documentation is offered under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license

Mattermost /mattermost-server source code
– Offered under Free Software Foundation’s GNU AGPL v.3.0 (if you choose not to use the MIT licensed server and instead compile your own server from source code, you must share enhancements back to the community)

Mattermost trademark
– Please see Mattermost Trademark Policy.

Open Source Licensing Policy

Our licensing benefits IT organizations and end users seeking an open source, self-hosted alternative to proprietary SaaS solutions for team messaging.

The compiled Mattermost Team Edition server, including source code and binaries for the mobile and desktop apps, are offered under either an MIT or Apache Version 2.0 license. We expect 99% of users to deploy Mattermost Team Edition this way.

For the 1% of users who choose not to use the MIT licensed server, and instead compile their own server using the /mattermost-server source code offered under an AGPL v3.0 license, their enhancements must be open sourced, so 100% of the community can benefit.

To avoid confusion, derivative open source servers created by the 1% are required to use their own distinct name and logos, and may not use the Mattermost name or logos, which are trademarked.