200,000 translations and counting…

When you translate a word in Mattermost to your native language, something special happens. Not only does that language bring with it a unique history and culture, it transforms the experience. Thanks to our localization community, Mattermost is a German experience. It is a Japanese experience. It is a French, Spanish, and Portuguese experience.

In 5 months, we have grown to:

  • 9 languages (with a dozen more in progress)
  • 230 contributors
  • over 200,000 words translated

And we’re just getting started.

In the past few weeks, we added German, released in 3.2, then Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, and Korean, which will be released in 3.3. Many other languages are also making significant progress, including Russian (at 49%), Italian (at 36%), Polish (at 31%), Indonesian (at 28%), and Breton (at 26%).

With native English speakers making up less than 7% of the global population, these translations let Mattermost reach hundreds of millions more people! To give a sense of the community effort, the map below provides areas where at least one major official language has been completed or is in progress.

localization community blog world map


Although we would like to share a picture of all the 224 people who have joined the Mattermost Translation Server and make up our localization community, we’ll share a picture of official reviewers of Beta-quality languages, each whom has been essential in translating their respective language, and maintaining them at high quality.

localization community blog_spanish localization community _blog_portuguese localization_blog_french localization community blog_japanese localization community blog_german localization_blog_traditional_chinese localization_blog_dutch localization_blog_korean

Special thanks also to aeomin for their work on Simplified Chinese.

If you’d like to contribute and help with translations, please join the community at our Localization Discussion Channel and the Mattermost Translation Server.

The localization community has become a significant part of Mattermost and we wouldn’t be where we are without you. A huge thank you to everyone for making a lasting impact to the history of Mattermost!

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