Many ways to contribute

There’s a wide range of ways to contribute to Mattermost beyond just code:

  1. Ideas
    1. Share ideas and feature requests for the community to upvote via feature request forums at
  2. Bug reports
    1. File issues for the community and core team to knock out at
  3. Questions and answers
    1. Start or contribute to discussion threads and FAQs at
  4. Designs
    1. Get detailed about designs you want to see on our discussion forums, which helps both the community and core team understand precisely what to build and why people want it. Start a thread at
  5. Code
    1. As an open source project, pull requests are highly appreciated. To get started check out guideline here:

There’s surely many other ways as well. We’d love to have your help on Mattermost in whatever form you prefer. Please stay in touch: