Mattermost v1.3: Open source Slack-alternative a Top 10 Project of 2015

What do Git, R, and Mattermost have in common? We’ve each been named a Top 10 Open Source Project of 2015 by!

Mattermost named a Top 10 Open Source Project of 2015 by

Huge thanks to the community for all your support. The honor highlights the incredible momentum of Mattermost in 2015, which continues in December with Mattermost v1.3

New features: iOS app, fonts, smart auto-complete, LaTeX and more

Long awaited open source iOS app for iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch running iOS 9 and higher (thank you beta testers!), along with a Mattermost Push Notification Service, custom fonts, smart auto-complete (predictive text with in-line search), support for mathematical expressions in LaTeX, plus two thousand more icons with EmojiOne, permalinks, and more improvements than we can list (see changelog).

New features include open source iOS app with self-hosted push notifications server, smart auto-complete, support for equations in LaTeX and more

New Platforms: RHEL, Jelastic, Multi-Node Docker

New platforms in December include Jelastic, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and multi-node Docker
New platforms include Jelastic, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and multi-node Docker just a dozen other production configurations available.

Adding on to a growing list of platforms this December brings new support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and RHEL 7, a new 5-minute Jelastic install, and a multi-node Docker install.

New Integrations: Jira, Node, Nagios, PowerShell, and Sentry

New this December: Jira, Nagios, PowerShell, .NET and DLL integrations
This December, Jira and a host of new integrations join the growing list of Mattermost community applications

Beyond features and platforms, this December the community is also sharing back integrations with Jira, NodePowerShell, Nagios, and Sentry.

Can’t say it enough–thank you, thank you, thank you community for all that you do!

Looking forward to your comments, questions and ideas in the forum discussion on this release.

Happy Holidays!

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